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mircea_popescu: aaaand lost conn, 50 ss in.
mircea_popescu: 7 hours, lost
DianaComan: I thought I was the one with a shitty connection, lol
mircea_popescu: mine went to shit yest
danielpbarron: mine is also bad; most noticable when taking stuff out of storage
mircea_popescu: atm i get ping in the 200ms range, which is fine for my needs
DicePower: howdy :)
DicePower: Just added my few clarifications to the Windows installation guide page. Someone should probably read it at some point and make sure I didn't say anything incorrect. :P
mircea_popescu: cool.
mircea_popescu: how's your project ocming along ?
DicePower: Pretty smoothly, I've removed quite a few obstacles from the login process.
DicePower: Learned some pretty interesting things about the game too, by viewing the code.
DicePower: If anyone was wondering, when you remove the character preview in the character creation screen, there is no race button to go back to the default Euklidian race or w/e it's called :P
DicePower: There's just the one button for Eulorian.

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