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diana_coman: lobbes, tools and containers have quality = durability
diana_coman: list looks all right; perhaps it would be helpful to be able to order it by high/low or at least to have that reported (so cft: high 2.45 on x, low 1.38 on y)
mircea_popescu: danielpbarron good newsbeing that we fouind your items, you'll get them back today.
mircea_popescu: diana_coman did i miss a list ? also, want cft ?
danielpbarron: yay! what happened to them anyway?
mircea_popescu: eh, complicated bs.
mircea_popescu: but we're rewriting most of the crap, so limited lifespan.
danielpbarron: i'm not crazy though. i mean i didn't carelessly put them in some way that they should have been expected to go away
diana_coman: danielpbarron, just one thing: did you try to put that wos into a table/container of sorts?
danielpbarron: i don't recall doing that, no
mircea_popescu: danielpbarron yeah, you didnt' do anything wrong yourself.
danielpbarron: cool
hanbot: diana_coman the blenderetc toolchain looks nice n' followable, thanks a bunch for that. unfortunately i'm in a hardware bind atm and will have to set up a graphically capable environment for the whole process. i'll update when i have something to show ya.
diana_coman: hanbot, k, thanks for the update
diana_coman: lobbes, you need to show the qualities there too, as higher q may mean higher markup
mircea_popescu: diana_coman link ?
diana_coman: mircea_popescu, ?
diana_coman: he gave the link for this price history thing
mircea_popescu: aty
mircea_popescu: work in progress seems like ?
diana_coman: yes, but he asked for feedback or so I gathered
lobbesbot: Logged on 2017-05-22 00:20:33: <lobbes> ^^ mircea_popescu, danielpbarron, diana_coman, et al.
mircea_popescu: well for one thing cft price can't be in the millions. should be per unit i figure neh ?
diana_coman: I gather he showed the total amount and that can be useful too but probably more like: quantity, quality, price per unit, total
diana_coman: danielpbarron, you around?
danielpbarron: ya
diana_coman: your items are in the table next to you; I'll move foxy away, please take them
danielpbarron: got it, thanks
diana_coman: good; sorry for the trouble
danielpbarron: np
danielpbarron: i found a table with boulders crafted by a fellow named "Christian"
lobbes: Thanks for feedback on the auction price site, diana_coman, mircea_popescu. It is appreciated
lobbes: << fwiw, at the moment if you click on the start date hyperlink, it will give you detailed data on that auction (stuff like quality and quantity, etc)
lobbesbot: Logged on 2017-05-22 07:25:48: <diana_coman> lobbes, you need to show the qualities there too, as higher q may mean higher markup
lobbes: That being said, I'll still add in a column for quality/quantity and price per item on the main list portion.
mircea_popescu: lobbes the principal thing is to obtain a synthetic signal.
mircea_popescu: the prime utility of this is to feed one number in !~calc type calculations.
lobbes: I think I see. Like sort of: "this is the current market rate per unit for this particular item" type of thing?
mircea_popescu: yup.
lobbes: Word
mircea_popescu: ideally all the way to
mircea_popescu: !Qprice 1month 34k cft q 270
mircea_popescu: or 1week 2days w/e.
mircea_popescu: actually : !Qprice [width] [time] [qty] [name] q [quality].
mircea_popescu: where width is a numeric, you take +- that quality from db. ie if i say 10 and q 270 then you only look at q 260 to 280 sales in the interval.
lobbes: Interesting. I think I may tweak my "date range" filtering on the website to operate in a similar manner
lobbes: Err, or rather, I'll tweak the website to have a quality width filter in addition to the date filter
lobbes: Either way, this gives me a lot to work with. I'll keep everyone posted
mircea_popescu: nice!
danielpbarron: i made more items disappear and here is a backtrace after i quit
danielpbarron: and i know exactly what i did to make it happen
danielpbarron: it was the boulders i found in someone's table
danielpbarron: i put them in a trade window with my alt, then i changed my mind and moved them back to my inventory
danielpbarron: although it just now occurs to me i might have placed them on another pile of boulders i had (i was coincidentally out building ordinary boulder claims when i found them)
danielpbarron: pretty sure i didn't, but anyway i took a screenshot of the info for that guy's pile which was still open after they went away
danielpbarron: an inconsequential amount, but maybe useful for fixing this thing
danielpbarron: maybe a false alarm
danielpbarron: i still have a pile with his name on it but it's like 8k
danielpbarron: i'm pretty sure i only found 60 or so of his
danielpbarron: but what's strange is if his pile was dropped on my pile, it should have giving the resulting pile ~my~ crafter mark
mircea_popescu: sounds like you mixed them.
danielpbarron: and also i'm pretty sure his quality was 5, and now the pile with his name is quality 4
danielpbarron: there is some strange behavior with the trade window
danielpbarron: when you move things back to inventory from the trade window, they won't drop in the spot you click, and they won't drop in the first empty spot
mircea_popescu: keep digging.
danielpbarron: it seems like they go back to where they came from
mircea_popescu: yes, it's what it's supposed to do.
danielpbarron: so i think what happened is i moved his stuff back to a spot that looked empty but was really a place holder for another pile
danielpbarron: still bizarre that it took his crafter mark though
danielpbarron: weirder still, my screenshot shows the 8k when i'm pretty sure i opened that info box before the mix happened
Birdman: costs me like 22 bucks to train gathering these days lulz
Birdman: err, 2 bucks i meant
danielpbarron would buy more cft and also ibs in auction
danielpbarron: got a lot of leather to process here
mircea_popescu: ya but i'd rather sell it to diana_coman , she comes back with resources.
danielpbarron: oh no more surplus cft?
mircea_popescu: well, surplus in what sense ?
mircea_popescu: fwis she buys it all.
danielpbarron: the stuff you auctioned
danielpbarron: i bought several stacks
mircea_popescu: a right.
mircea_popescu: ~no incentive, i'd rather sell to the miner.
mircea_popescu: same price anyway
danielpbarron: and what about shavings?
mircea_popescu: ah, i made coupla stacks but gotta use them to qf
danielpbarron: that's what i'm fixing to make
danielpbarron: so you'll need the cft yourself to make the cordage
mircea_popescu: i already made the cordage
danielpbarron: what about leather, need that?
mircea_popescu: i got some piles from diana_coman ; would prolly buy more yea
danielpbarron: i have lots of quality 1
mircea_popescu: dun need q1 though.
mircea_popescu: leather as in substance, rather than count.
danielpbarron: qf bundle comes out to a decent quality using low q leather as long as the cordage and shavings are ok
mircea_popescu: my bps are like q 300, i wanna do some decent qfs.
danielpbarron: << recipe for running euclient in gdb with auto logging to a file (also shows how to force fullscreen on startup and how to "run" automatically after gdb starts)
mircea_popescu: nice!
danielpbarron: had to come up with that since this new setup is like eulora-os in that there isn't really an easy way to copy text from gdb and paste it somewhere else.
mircea_popescu: ha i bet
Zakorus123: hi i know mircae told me not to come back
Zakorus123: but i really think i should be allowed to come back
Zakorus123: its been over a year
mircea_popescu: alright.
Zakorus123: thank you. ill try not to offend this time
mircea_popescu: cool.
Zakorus123: crap. i cant remember my account information
mircea_popescu: ill resend it in a minute.
Zakorus123: thanks
mircea_popescu: !~calc 24 * (1470 + 9148)
jhvh1: mircea_popescu: 24 * (1470 + 9148) = 254832
mircea_popescu: diana_coman turns out i drastically miscalculated the qty of CC i need for the qf. will need 255k cdg q1. can you supply ?
mircea_popescu: Zakorus123
Zakorus123: my old harddrive is fried. guess im not getting that back
Zakorus123: we can make a new account when i get back from dinner
mircea_popescu: tsk. gotta keep your privkeys safe.

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