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diana_coman: lobbes: did you ever saw the questions/feedback of yesterday?
lobbes: diana_coman: where was this again? blog or in a castle? If you point me, I will read
lobbes: or perhaps already read!
diana_coman: here; not yet in the logs as the bot was not yet on
diana_coman: lemme fish it out
diana_coman: 11:36 diana_coman: lobbes, looking through your posts there are 2 things that strike me: 1. some seem to just slip off without clarity as to what happened/what's your decision there (e.g. pizarro ads - did you hit a wall with it? did you postpone it (when/what)? did you abandon it? what exactly is it and from what specific causes?) 2. it doesn't seem all that clear/pointed anywhere: how do yo
lobbes: ty, this is exactly the feedback I seek. Yes, I think you have a point there. I have this habit of not being clear in both my causes, and my results it seems
diana_coman: lobbes: did the above get cut? or is it just the logger?
diana_coman: it read: clear/pointed anywhere: how do you choose your hopper items anyway?
lobbes: it was indeed cut
diana_coman: kk; at least no bug to report re logger, heh.
lobbes: re: how do I choose... I think I try and go with whatever seems the 'most pressing need for the republic that I can also do with the skills I have'
lobbes: but perhaps I need to refine my choosing methods here. problem with the pressing need qualifier is that needs are always changing by nature
diana_coman: aha; and that you keep the whole thing entirely out of yourself which is not that good for building yourself up
diana_coman: basically yes, answer the trumpet calls by all means but that shouldn't be *all* you do
lobbes: this is very true. I guess I have trouble knowing when I should ignore certain calls
lobbes: and when I should just stick to what I'm currently working on
diana_coman: the 1st point is to build yourself up as roundely as possible (and as a side effect this will inevitably *also* position you in a much better place to help/answer pressing needs)
diana_coman: I don't know if it's about ignoring really, I wouldn't go that far; but for one thing pressing needs can't really make for a full, sane path just in themselves, it's a bit like living for emergencies only
lobbes: this makes sense
diana_coman: and for the other thing offering is not just a "good intentions" thing - it's a commitment
diana_coman: for that matter it's rather easy to end up in hot soup *because of * good intentions (that were just that, wanted to but had poorly evaluated/bit more than could chew)
lobbes: yeah, I think the Inca state likes to breed this sort of "a good worker says yes to *everythin*" kind of toxic thinking
diana_coman: there is some space for "bit sligthly more so as to motivate and advance faster" but it has to be still a considered choice I'd say
lobbes: yeah, that's kind of it too. I figured that I need to grow, so I'd challenge myself. Buuut I don't think I thought things through enough in most cases
diana_coman: quite possibly yes, I can see that (a combination of "saying yes is easy" + "no real consequences if not delivering" + "works means sort of ")
diana_coman: growth yes, but it has to build on where you are, it can't just jump 10 levels up all of a sudden "because that's what's needed right now"
lobbes: speaking of work that has no real consquences of not delivering, I got to head to the mines. BUT thank you very much already for helping me think through this stuff. It is appreciated
lobbes: and yeah, realistic growth is the key, huh
lobbes: I will be reading these logs now that they exist!
diana_coman: in other words: the world (and tasks) is not flat and if you don't even see the mountain, it just means you are actually ...underground, not yet at ground level even
diana_coman: kk
shrysr: diana_coman: i see some glimpses of the mountains from my underground lair
diana_coman: shrysr: so come out to the light! heh
shrysr: trying to! what did lobbes mean by heading to the mines ?
diana_coman: shrysr: he went to his place of employment aka "the mines" ; also known as "the slave galley"
diana_coman: if you are not familiar with it, salt mines (and rock quaries or similarly hard labour) was done with convicts mainly/only
diana_coman: you call your salt mines "the office" iirc
shrysr: ah. I did not know it was done mainly/only with convicts
diana_coman: european history; USA equivalent would be cotton-picking (aka slave labour, obv)
shrysr: :D yes i do call it the office/.
shrysr: diana_coman: did you get a pingback notification?
shrysr: I see you got my earlier pingback for ... did you get another just now ?
asciilifeform: shrysr: 'salt mine' is traditional parlance for where (usually) programmer does ultimately pointless, backbreaking sweat, so as to pay for food/flat. (an especially odious saltmine may be next level, 'gulag', see e.g. .)
diana_coman: shrysr: no notification of it at least; also no notification of your post - did you change your rss link for posts and/or comments?
shrysr: diana_coman: how about just now? its just a test, for another article
shrysr: the rss may have changed.. right now it is i tried this on my feedreader and it works
shrysr: diana_coman: it should be working actually >> see my webmention linking on this post
diana_coman: shrysr: eh, so what, you imagine I jump and change every time you futz it about ?
diana_coman will bbl
shrysr: :( futz it about is so crude ... i am making it awsome ! wtffffffff
diana_coman: fff is for futz-futz-futz, obv
diana_coman: but seriously, either you get the rss links to what they were or whatever, I'll see it when it happens.

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