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diana_coman: !!up yrctest
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diana_coman: !!up #ossasepia yrctest
deedbot: yrctest voiced for 30 minutes.
yrctest waves at jfw
yrctest: jfw yrc looks pretty neat, once the bit_length trouble was sorted; the lack of tab-completion though sucks.
jfw: diana_coman: hey thanks for testing
jfw: the tab completion is one among several noted sucks. maybe I'll give the whole thing another pass soon
diana_coman: jfw: no worries; now I realised I should give it another go on 2.16 after the fix to that bit_length, huh
jfw: weird that you got that error on 2.7.16; I'm running on a Debian 2.7.3 and otherwise tested on 2.7.13
jfw: and I woulda thought bit_length would be some efficient internal thing, not "convert to binary string and count digits" lol
diana_coman: jfw: well, not that I *expected* it was that but ...such said the docs, why would I argue with them.
yrctest: would you look at that, it works with python 2.6.6 too!
jfw: oh I see, it's "equivalent to" that but the 2.7 implementation is indeed internal.
jfw: nice!
diana_coman: huh, I basically "backported an irc client, in one hour!!11"
diana_coman: well, alternatively it may be called "messing about with python and irc for one hour" but anyways
jfw: well seems to be messing about with a useful output at least.
diana_coman: tsk
diana_coman: jfw: ftr it was the neat layout of yrc that got me to look at that bit_length thing a bit more
jfw: diana_coman: good to know. and no 'ncurses' involved either
jfw: diana_coman: what was the 'tsk' to there - the devoicing?
diana_coman: jfw: indeed, no (n)curses either; and yes, tsk was to deedbot
diana_coman: I guess now I got yrc working even on 2.6.6, I'll just have to switch, huh
diana_coman: jfw: unrelated - that "plan" took me all of 10 minutes to write down for you; what do you usually polish so much at a plan to take 0.8 hour and still not be done with it?
jfw: tug-o-wars over 'I should do this, that and the other but am I really going to?'
diana_coman: so ditch the "should" directly and see what happens?
diana_coman: rather than forever wasting time on the hesitation to ...admit it because in practice it's anyway what it is.
jfw: right.
diana_coman: wb joerodgers
diana_coman: !!up #ossasepia joerodgers
deedbot: joerodgers voiced for 30 minutes.
diana_coman: joerodgers: how was/is reading around here?
joerodgers: I am still not sure how to get the most value out of this channel. As an outsider, It is quite intimidating.
joerodgers: I desire more knowledge and personal development but I am not sure how to engage
diana_coman: a bit like everywhere else meeting new people - talking helps best; what /why do you find interesting re bitcoin or what's your link to it?
diana_coman: jfw: you do realise that if I switch, then in all likelihood, I'll whine and whine until you do get that tab-completion done, right?
jfw: diana_coman: entirely.
diana_coman: (and then if it works, I'll therefore have to hire an army of whiners to get jfw to do some work!!111)
diana_coman: joerodgers: do you write anywhere on the web/do you have any website/blog?
joerodgers: I am interested in the economic, political, and philosophical impact Bitcoin will bring to us
jfw: diana_coman: they say the squeaky wheel gets the grease... not sure it works if all the wheels are squeaky though
joerodgers: I curate Bitcoin articles in a monthly journal
joerodgers: I am trying to find my voice, but I have never been a profound writer. The website it here:
diana_coman: re intimidating - I get it, but the only cure for that is simply to interact (and worry less about the outcome as such)
joerodgers: Sure thing!
diana_coman: joerodgers: why on
jfw: github is a journal now!!
joerodgers: It offers free hosting
joerodgers: Yes, I have received plenty of "constructive" feedback on my choice of platform from our friends in asciilifeform
diana_coman: joerodgers: heh, the way towards "a profound writer" is to look a bit more at what things like "free" mean in their context
diana_coman: joerodgers: ahaha, mind giving me the gist of that feedback?
joerodgers: I understand there are tradeoffs to my choince in putting a website on gh
joerodgers: the gist... "why gh noob, fuck microsoft, git is not for that!"
joerodgers: haha
diana_coman: joerodgers: well, tradeoffs are there to ~everything; the question is more 1. why do you want to pour work into something that apparently can't ever even pay for own hosting 2. what does free in that context actually mean ie how exactly are you in fact paying for the service there since you do not pay for it with money (because pay for it you still do)
diana_coman: joerodgers: lol, I see, the very constructive and helpful indeed.
joerodgers: You are right, and I have justified my choice by lack of technical knowledge to self host. The project is highly portable and I have several backups. I am less interested in my choice of hosting provider and more interested in the impact of Bitcoin us all
diana_coman: lack of knowledge is most easily fixed though.
diana_coman: joerodgers: what does it mean "interested in the impact of bitcoin on us all"? I suppose the Bitcoin category on provides ample discussion and commentary on that from a rather authoritative source
joerodgers: I am still reading through the trilema archives. I found the summary on and that was helpful.
joerodgers: Specifically I am interested in how Bitcoin and sound money will change human behavior, I believe it will be for the better
diana_coman: you know, leaving aside all the ??? I get visiting that bitcoinwords site (unicodes I suppose) and all the lol of x minutes to read and even a lot more else... what exactly makes those words there worth reading in the first place? it's really not a problem of too *few* words otherwise on bitcoin (or on anything else really)
diana_coman: or how do you even perceive that "there's too little and in danger of being lost omg",huh
diana_coman: if anything, ~everyone drowns in *too much* (and most of it rehash, just like e.g - and it's really just one example picked at random, not specifically meant to single it out in anyway)
joerodgers: I think there is a lot of noise out there. I am trying to build a high signal library for current and future Bitcoiners. I think (hope) Bitcoiners will find value to be able to open a journal in 5 years and see what we were talking about
diana_coman: joerodgers: for the better..of what? heh
joerodgers: Better overall. Low time preference has changed my life.
joerodgers: I am more focused on health, family, personal development, and saving... plus many other things
diana_coman: joerodgers: bitcoiners as in people-actually-involved-in-bitcoin would rather read the words of those past bitcoiners eg on their blogs, don't you think? I know there is this old model of "editor and curating" etc but uhm, that was also in a rather different context
diana_coman: joerodgers: what is "low time preference"?
joerodgers: I will answer you, I have a call with my team I must prepare for!
joerodgers: brb
diana_coman: ah, no worries; can wait until tomorrow too, not a problem at all.
jfw learns (indirectly) from that the Nakamoto Institute guys fell out and rewrote their founding to include Cody Wilson rather than Daniel Krawisz
diana_coman: ftr, I read 5 times by now this "If you find WORDS helpful, Bitcoin donations are unnecessary but appreciated." and I'm still in wonder at its twists.
diana_coman: for balance-of-twisting, may I suggest it changes to "if you find WORDS unhelpful but appreciated, Bitoin donations are unnecessary but appreciated." ?
diana_coman: jfw: ahaha, it's ok, nobody reads it anyway
jfw: hehe
diana_coman: joerodgers: what's with the splitting of "paragraphs" by count of lines (3 lines each, apparently) rather than by meaning? It reminds me of those housewives bent on "tidying the bookcase" by sorting once and for all those pesky books by size, wtf does content matter!!
diana_coman: joerodgers: oh, hey, is this illustration your work?
diana_coman: jfw: here's further reason for why gardening is totally part of the plan: "it’ll take a small team of engineers who quietly maintain the software like a constant gardener"
diana_coman: huh, that "Links" thing reminds me of fain
diana_coman: in principle, though I doubt in practice
diana_coman: joerodgers: why not give directly the actual link of your blog? ftr it's at least way more readable than that words thing.
jfw: diana_coman: gardends are made to last forever apparently? at least if they're not busy getting hacked all the time
diana_coman: as to the "shorter time preference" (which is in there, too!), it's more of a must than a preference when all one has are leaves to pay with - either now or watch them be worthless tomorrow, sure.
diana_coman: jfw: apparently! the weeds of hacking in thy garden!!
diana_coman: anyways, I shall conclude here my opportunistic hike through the internetz at large as it's quite enough for one day, lol
diana_coman will be back tomorrow
jfw: Anyone know of a decent sub-line-level diff tool? it's a wonder that I still don't have any other than ...git
jfw: last I checked I turned up only libraries and GUIs
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