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feedbot: << Trilema -- The Apotheosis Machine
diana_coman: !!key newland0
diana_coman: !!v 1A74DF1642039B928BB4E1F3D3EDFACBFE9B5609436DA9F6ACBCB039ECBB8030
deedbot: diana_coman rated newland0 1 << Joined on seeing
sonofawitch: 2020-02-08 11:11:48 (#ossasepia) diana_coman: d41r2: to make it perfectly clear: you have the choice to go through all the log, collect those questions you ignored or refused to answer so far and then answer them in here one by one; only after you do that, you may ask for further clarification and/or talk in here; alternatively, you can of course either register a new key and restart this in a saner way and without all the stupid or o
newland0: so deedbot lies when you !!up without actually being in the channel
newland0: cool thingy though
trinque: I don't really see a strong argument for keeping track of whether you joined the channel.
trinque: then I've got the added complexity of worrying about whether freenode's lying to me, etc
trinque: I'd rather just have the thing obediently issue the IRC command you asked for, and let that be all.
newland0: also works, and makes sense

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