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diana_coman: cruciform - a reference for *whom*? In the absolute like that aka "the" reference, there isn't such thing anymore and not because of my negrating but simply because there is nothing to back such claim of "the reference". So now it's each with whatever they consider their own reference(s) and up to each to figure out what is worth what and why and so on.
diana_coman: Sure, you'd like some clarity (just as you wanted it before with the relationship status here and all that) but note that *all that time when crystal clarity has been available and freely offered* you... were busy, found problems and faults with it and stayed away from it. So no, it's not "just like before only in just those parts that are convenient for me to consider or ask for".
diana_coman: with this, the moving on is finally done for #ossasepia too: I devoiced everyone and removed all flags from all bots, feel free to take them offline as there isn't going to be any use for them in here.

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