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hanbot was expecting chanserv to be something of a bitch, that was pleasantly un-occult.
hanbot: anyway, now that there's topic an' all i'll look into getting a license. diana_coman, i'm curious: didja print yours?
hanbot: testline for log date formatting...
hanbot: and one more.
hanbot: there, nice. interesting what little things start to matter once bigger things do; i never bothered with noting the year in my local log copies, "figure it out yourself", heh.
diana_coman: hanbot: print? I've set the link to it in the chan's status
diana_coman: didn't think of printing it as such, huh; (tbh given the amount of papers I have in the house, stretching several countries and all that, I'm not much for printing in general, lol)
hanbot: diana_coman, mulling re mp's suggestion to print the thing in the concept's origin-article. my walls are all terribad came-with-the-rental paintings and cyrillic keys on post-its, hehe.
diana_coman: I took the wall there to be the metaphorical wall but I can certainly see the appeal to print&frame&hang on an actual wall; esp if it replaces some "art" lol.
whaack: hanbot: hey lord hanbot! i hear you may have some advice on getting iron in CR
whaack: hanbot: I got a good chuckle out of reading that another younghand thought you were perhaps an actual bot
hanbot: howdy whaack. amusingly, i've actually gotten the "are you a bot" thing over the phone, even!
whaack: lol do you introduce yourself as hanbot?
hanbot: as for irons, i have a few good sources in san jose; i saw you're up north though, yeah?
hanbot: nope, i just speak evenly lol.
hanbot: anyway sj shops should still be useful inasmuch as you can use a domestic carrier --they may even offer to courier it depending on what you're getting. lemme get you a list here...
whaack: hanbot: heh my shrink told me once that it doesn't hurt to add a little nervousness to your voice at times, 'it makes you more sound more human!'
whaack: hanbot: thanks a bunch! Yes I am in [][Playa Junquillal] which is near Santa Cruz in Guanacaste. It is not an issue if I have to make a day trip to SJ.
hanbot: whaack top spots:
hanbot: i never had much luck with the whole mercadolibre/online marketplace side of things there, with the exception of craigslist of all things, which has occasionally been useful for trading with gringos.
hanbot: nice balcony view, hot damn. i miss the beach right about now!
whaack: hanbot: ty! it comes with a lovely older married couple downstairs, the wife occasionally makes me fish soup
hanbot: prime spot for it. are you looking for irons other than comp. parts, btw?
whaack: hanbot: I am interested in a continuous power supply and also a good chair.
hanbot: chair place is also in sabana, "Muebles Mugui" on the south side of the park (+506 2290 5667, never saw another place as well stocked, delivery/sales staff super reliable.
hanbot: trying to remember where i found the UPS-en...
hanbot: i think they were at cococo also, second item on the pasted list.
whaack: hanbot: The overarching goal is to get a proper work station. So if you have any iron/items that you recommend I am open to suggestions
whaack: hanbot: This is already a great help. Do you have any experience ordering parts from the US through Miami forwarding addresses?
hanbot: aha. well i'd recommend best computer (first item) for asus/asrock/gigabyte boards and amd processors. i've been doing alright with an asus A88XM-A (socket FM2+) for a while as a general idea, though it's old enough by now it might be tricky to find. best advice i can give in that vein is to research your primary components thoroughly online before buying so as to avoid stupid gotchas. otherwise, y'know, just, fuck intel.
hanbot: whaack i actually found that none of the extant (as of last year, mind you) Miami-based couriers were usable
hanbot: either their costs were through the roof, or they required credit card usage (i won't use 'em, not for any reason).
hanbot: obviously ymmv on that latter point. aeropost was the worst culprit in terms of pricing.
hanbot: my groundsman uses them fairly often, however, so i can vouch that items do actually reliably arrive.
hanbot: liberty express was less expensive, but did the credit card jazz, like most. you might look into copa courier; the airline itself is rather sane, and i'm sure they're more reasonable than dhl.
hanbot: i'ma be afk a bit --any other queries are welcome meanwhile.
whaack: hanbot: cool, I will take a look into those. In an ideal world I can avoid shipping from the US altogether. Anyways, thanks again.
hanbot: yeah, i think the best way is just bringing them with you through airports. in my experience customs @ santamaria has no cares and no curiosities.
whaack: hanbot: It does seem like one of the best methods would be a same day round trip ticket to Miami, as BingoBoingo has suggested. With that said, i have quite an aversion for going to the US for a while. The first night I got to CR i had a nightmare where I had forgotten something important and had to go back to the US, and then the next day couldn't reenter CR because of some issue with customs.
hanbot: i understand the aversion. in the thirteen years since leaving the us i've been back twice, both of which gave me hives on the eve of departure. anyway i'll send you a line next i'm headed into the country in case something small from europe could help (no idea when that'll be tho', atm). you should prolly also see if thimbronion/billymg/other republican cr-ers want to set something up to ease import woes.
whaack: hanbot: lol ty i'm sure I can get thimbronion or billymg to help me there as you say, from my understanding you have enough luggage as is
hanbot: hay un cantidad suficiente!
hanbot: anyway, fire away with any questions or problems that come up as you settle in. i'm rather excited about the colony of sorts that's organizing over there. costa rica's so thoroughly lovable.
whaack: hanbot: will do. and yeah this quiet town is a little piece of paradise. The locals are friendly, and i don't get the sense that they are trying to buddy up to squeeze me for some $$ like I did in Tamarindo. And it's prettttty wonderful to be able to clear my head by walking 4 minutes to the beach and surfing for a bit.
hanbot: whaack how's the grid connectivity? if i have any gripes, they're mostly with this "electric service is for most, but not all of the time" stance
whaack: hanbot: Since I've been here, about 22 days, I recall it has flickered three times total, one of those times it stayed down for 3-5 minutes.
whaack: ^ this is better than my previous experience with Costa Rica electricity.
hanbot: yeah, dry season's usually a bit better. good to know it's not so different on the coast than in the valley.
BingoBoingo: I suspect Mercado Libre's performance varies substantially by country. Here Ebay spams it full of listings, but it's been useful for the rare necessary item only available near the Brazilian border yet inexplicably absent from the city. The most satisfying thing I found there was the apartment, probably because all of the process of retaining the apartment
BingoBoingo: happened off of mercado libre.
ossabot: Logged on 2019-11-10 16:09:30 hanbot: i never had much luck with the whole mercadolibre/online marketplace side of things there, with the exception of craigslist of all things, which has occasionally been useful for trading with gringos.

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