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hanbot_abroad: << BingoBoingo you absolutely want these, to the degree if they don't make it into your first pass, you could do a separate run to crawl those domains specifically (though honestly i don't know why they'd be truncated from earlier sweeps).
ossabot: Logged on 2020-02-17 22:00:09 BingoBoingo: My though with iterating out three or four times in the sweep and ending with a bunch of raw urls at this point is it'll catch a wide breadth of and urls that would have been truncated in the earlier sweeps.
hanbot_abroad: as for the perceived-future, stickiness,, and awk will let you de-duplicate domains if you need it
ossabot: Logged on 2020-01-30 14:06:30 hanbot_abroad: yeah. i was gonna say, approaching mass means putting the usable/unusable distinction up top, and discarding the unusables immediately, 'cause otherwise you'll get stuck in a timesink. if you're actually going to go the automated route, i'm sure you can script a grep for the funcitonally-universal "post comment" formsender text so you can get a list of postables.
hanbot_abroad: << this is probably kinda challenging where you are, but the expat presence may help. regularly search for bitcoin-related events (i'd bet there's a liberia group that meets to derp around, for instance), attend them, talk to everyone there, ask who's trading, etc. ask all the people you're paying bills to if they accept coin. look for any small business
hanbot_abroad: es that do accept btc, coffee shops etc, and ask to talk to the manager, see if they want to buy or know someone who does.
ossabot: Logged on 2020-02-18 15:38:50 whaack: My goal is to build contacts rather than to satisfy an immediate need for a trade.
BingoBoingo: hanbot_abroad: Thank you. I'm still wrestling with the tools for filtering inputs and getting what I want out of them. Playing with awk has been... eye opening.
BingoBoingo: hanbot_abroad: I also reached out to diana_coman for help with my thinking problem. She gave me a homework assignment that includes going over the ancient PM logs with cazalla to see what worked then in addition to publishing what I've got so far with the script, what it does, and what I'm struggling to do with it.
ossabot: (ossasepia) 2020-02-18 diana_coman: BingoBoingo: so listen, do yourself a favour for starters, trawl those pms or whatever and write up a summary with what you 2 tried and what worked and what didn't, in what way, etc; write up somewhere in clear also what your current script does and what/where you're stuck + why; I honestly couldn't quite follow at that level of detail from the chans only.
BingoBoingo: Re-reading those first couple months has been enlightening on forgotten/neglected sauce which worked so well in the early days, picking fights with thin skinned idiots out of WoT to get the attention of their audiences.
hanbot: BingoBoingo sounds like a good plan. and yeah, never forget the gift of the logs: you're supposed to re-read them!
jfw: Hi there! I started following the log here so no point not being joined too.
hanbot: howdy & welcome jfw.
jfw: ty hanbot.
BingoBoingo: hanbot: ty
hanbot: jfw incidentally i was looking at your ski-trip article earlier at the gym and left the last pic of the tsa procedural banner on the screen to rage-power through my last ten minutes of cardio, excellent fodder.
jfw: - this was nice to hear, I'd been curious how yrc would fare with that "real world needs of non-English speaking peoples"
ossabot: Logged on 2020-02-14 07:41:51 hanbot_abroad: as for the yrc/accents issue, i don't think it detracts, and in any case i'd rather see people using sane republican tools than sticklering on letter decorations. my opinion's prolly heavily influenced by the whole romanian-without-diactirics trilema tradition. i kinda can't be assed to make these explicit.
jfw: unicode support seems to be an all-or-nothing kinda thing
jfw: lol re tsa banner. Well, customs I think it was, though TSA is more enraging.
hanbot: i guess i stopped differentiating at some point?
jfw: happy you
hanbot: indeed!
hanbot: and no, i can't think of an occasion i ever wanted unicode on irc.

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