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feedbot: << Qntra -- US "Defense" Secretary's Chief Of Staff Resigns Iraq Threatened With Sanctions For Expelling USG Troops
feedbot: << Loper OS -- "Finite Field Arithmetic." Chapter 20: "Litmus", a Peh-Powered Verifier for GPG Signatures.
mircea_popescu: incidentally lobbes , now that i'm back @travelbase or how shall i put this, shall we get back to the logger thing ?
BingoBoingo: There are now weirdo evengelicals hyping "Madre Dios". Three short fat confused looking asians flagged me down near Plaza Independencia. I thought they wanted directions, but eventually it comes out that they wanted to tell me all about "Madre Dios"
BingoBoingo: I'm not entirely sure they were all Asian, but I've also not seen the short sorts of Hispanics *ever* get as fat as those mayo glumps.

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