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lobbes: Hey trinque, I wanted to pick your brain for a second. I've been digging into my ebuilds/Portage study, and for the most part have been chewing through the gentoo dev manual
lobbes: however, I was wondering if you could point me to any additional resources that may aid me in wrapping my head around all of this
trinque: lobbes: honestly I think you'd benefit more from doing a "linux from scratch" build than this, unless you have an immediate need for an ebuild
trinque: LFS will teach you more about what actually constitutes a working system, because you'll make one with your hands
trinque: from there you'd be in a much better position to join the OS discussion.
trinque: << ftr
lobbes: trinque: I can see the logic in this, because honestly the more I chew through Portage the more I realize that I do not have a firm grasp on simple fundamentals. While I want to help the OS effort, at my current level of experience I think I'd just be slowing everyone else down.
lobbes: I'ma bounce this idea off of diana_coman in #o. Ty trinque for the suggestion.

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