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jfw: ah, thanks asciilifeform.
jfw: (I'm not attempting the build quite yet, but getting ahead of the inevitable referential decay.)
asciilifeform: jfw: imho, lacking 'genesis of whole universe', at least oughta have 100% of tarballs where link rot can't get to'em
asciilifeform: ( which means, obv., plz mirror! if you use that gnat. )
jfw: asciilifeform: found a couple missing,
jfw: libelf-master.tar.gz was of ave1's construction, from a previously indeterminate git master, available by seekrit link on his site (not found by wget scrape)
asciilifeform: jfw: plz post'em on your www, w/ signed hash, i'ma add'em to my mirror
asciilifeform: re gdb -- i dun think mine built it
jfw: asciilifeform: well gprbuild-gpl-2017-src.tar.gz and xmlada-gpl-2017-src.tar.gz I haven't tracked down yet as original links already broke. Will post for sure if I can find them.
asciilifeform: jfw: updated the page w/ these 2
asciilifeform: and the signed readme.
asciilifeform: jfw: plz try'em and say whether worx.
asciilifeform: should be whole kit nao.
asciilifeform: (or, hm, all but libelf)
jfw: asciilifeform: hashes check out against those in the ave1 recipe, tyvm. Beyond that, I'll test when time permits and report it on the blog.
asciilifeform: ty jfw . after you have working build, plox to post the remaining tarball, i'ma add it to mirror.
jfw: which tarball?
asciilifeform: libelf-master
jfw: ah, I put the link in the paste earlier:
asciilifeform: aa ty
jfw: asciilifeform: note also that your gmp and mpfr there are older versions than indicated at least in the ada-musl-cross-2018-09-24.tgz I've been working from.
jfw: er, mpc and mpfr.
asciilifeform: jfw: looks like i posted the ones from prev. build of ave1's. found the 2018-9-24 ones also tho (lemme know if there are ones you haven't got, will post, otherwise later)

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