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trinque: shinohai: << this one uses logbot-command
trinque: in make-logbot-wot you'll see a param called :run-command
trinque: that bolts a generic method you define to the service which shall used for command dispatch
trinque: not much documentation, but I'll be happy to walk ya through using it.
trinque: << something like this should be all you need to get started
trinque: note that a logbot-command by default doesn't care about what channel it's in, or who's asking
trinque: it just horks through privmsgs looking for the prefix
trinque: to the extent that logbot-wot cares, that's all implemented over there
trinque: ah shit, didn't change a few instances of logbot-wot, but you get the idear
trinque: anyhow holler if you get stuck.
shinohai: ty trinque for the hints, will try this later today and write in if I get stuck.

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