267d 9h 27m74d 14h 10m42d 15h 9m61d 41m1d 18h 19m13d 2h 26m1d 1h 45m6d 4h 36m148d 7h 18m

jfw: !!v E4A5AC784D8FFD9987AD97B4D21ED653DD86BD01CCF624F41B415FC7B65C1245
deedbot: jfw canceled whaack invoice 1
jfw: !!v D4B08EBADA373CA88380EC6D446DE34B27DF556B838FADD6BF6A0D425A470661
jfw: trinque: thank you for the wallet service and help yourself to a $beverage with whatever's left after the withdrawal txn fee.

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